Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Crumbs for 28th of November

World Development Appeal
This is the official way for our congregation to contribute to Tearfund and Christian Aid - the WDA is split 50-50. This means the Christian Aid envelopes in May will NOT be given out to the congregation. Please make your donation in the WDA envlopes.

Membership classes are planned for the New Year - Please speak to Rev. Jack Drennan as soon as possible if you are interested.

PC Overseas Board Teams 2005

The Board has had requests for 4 teams to Eastern Europe this summer.
Team members must be 18+ - Cost £500 - Closing Date 15th December.

  • Make a difference in the life of even one person in Eastern Europe
  • See for yourself how God is working in another country
  • Use your holidays to benefit others (teams go for approx. 2 weeks)

You will be involved in leading Bible Studies, teaching English and leading otehr activities for children and young people.

Team 1 - Szilagycseh, Romania - 1 to 19 July

To run a Bible Club with crafts and games in Week 1 for children, in Week 2 for teenagers from the local town.

Team 2 - Algyogy, Romania - 3 to 17 August

Take part in International Youth Camp that attracts over 200 each year & English language teaching acmp - both organised by our missionaries.

Team 3 - Ozd, Romania - 16 July to 3 August

Practical work on a Christian run rehabilitation centre, farm and Conference centre. Also in houses were staff/volunteers live.

Team 4 - Balazser, Transcarpathia, Ukraine - 16 to 28 July

English Language teaching camp for young people. A chance to share your faith through drama, music and discussion groups.

Please consider this request prayerfully. For info and forms contact:

The Overseas Office

Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Curch House

Belfast, BT1 6DW

Tel - 9032 2284 or email: overseas@presbyterianireland.org

Tuesday, November 23, 2004



Monday, November 22, 2004

Crumbs for 21st November

Church, Community and Change Update:

We have been unable to arrange a date for the coordinating group to meet the facilitator before Christmas. The start of the programme has been delayed to January, which maybe more appropriate for something new!

Kirk Session Meeting Monday, 22nd November at 7.30 pm

On the 5th December there will also be a service of Thanksgiving and Dedication for little Chloe Pritchard.

Are you missing the Mid-Week Meetings? A time of prayer and Bible study every Thursday evening 7.30 - 9.00 pm.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Rota for Services - thru 19th December

21st November:
Children's Address - Mary Weeks
Sermon - Richard Houston
Jack Drennan will preach in the evening.
28th November: Missionary Sunday
5th December - Lifting Out of Poverty:
Reading - Leanne Foy, Luke 21:1ff
Children's Address - Barbara McLLwrath
Sermon - Richard Houston
Jack Drennan will preach in the evening
12th December - Lifting Confidence:
Reading - Moore Dunbar, John 4:5-26
Children's Address - Mary Weeks
World Development
19th December - Children's Christmas
Service led by the Sunday School
Evening - Carol Service

Creche Rota

14th - Sian/N
21st - Keith/Nyki
28th - Debbie/Carole
5th - Lorraine/Jamie
12th - Elizabeth/Matthew
19th - Maureen/ Karen P
2nd - Karen B/ Leanne
9th - Heather/Melissa
16th - Nyki/May
23rd - Clare/Carole
30th - Kathryn/Jamie

Crumbs for 14th of November

Scripture Union Daily Notes 2005

£11 for the year - Please speak to Sylvia as soon as possible if you would like to order these.

Kirk Session Meeting Monday 22nd of November at 7.30

Thank you to all who came along and/or contributed to the Annual Guide Autumn Fayre. We raised £348 towards our subscriptions and insurance.

?????? Boy's Brigade Christmas Quiz Night ??????
4th December 7 pm to 9 pm
£3 Per Person - in teams of no more than 8 people
Price Includes Soup, Sandwhiches, Tray Bakes and Drinks.

The Number of boys attending BB has increased recently and while this is great news it does have a down side: fees have to be paid to BB HQ for every member and so the leaders are holding a fundraising Christmas quiz. Please plan to attend and join the fun!

Friday, November 12, 2004


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