Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Crumbs for 13th of February

The Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers will take part in next Sunday morning's service to celebrate Thinking Day.

Church, Community and Change

The launch of the programme has been set for Sunday 20th March, as part of the morning service. Church, Community and Change will raise some of the implications of engaging with the local community and give our people an opportunity to think about and express their feelings about getting more involved with the community. Depending on how the congregation respon to this, our church will either begin to listen to the community and identify needs or begin to address some of the issues raised.

Please mark the amount on your envelope as the sides can split and the money fall out.

Child Protection:
PCI has launched new Child Protection Guidelines, called 'Gaking Care' for all congregations - all leaders will have access to a set of these. Alongside this we are leased to announce that Kathryn Wonnacott has agreed to be the Designated Officer for our congregation. This means that Kathryn is a contact person for anyone who has concerns about a child who attends any organisation. All leaders are now required to undergo a PECS check and forms will be given out soon.

By the time Gordon Brown met his counterparts from the G7 countries, over 20,000 of people had emailed to ask him to lay the foundations for an historic deal on trade, debt and aid.

Key Outcomes
On Debt: They agreed that big institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund should be ready to write off up to 100% of the poorest countries; debts. We must ensure any deal covers all the poorest countries and doesn't raid aid budgets or come with harmful strings attached.
On Aid: The Finance ministers did, for the first time, agree that aid will need to be massively increased and made more effective. However they made no definite commitments to provide the cash needed to eradicate poverty.
On Trade: Finance ministers said they want progress in the current world trade talkes to help poverty reduction and benefit developing countries. Yet the UK and other G7 countries are pushing poor countries to open up their markets to unfair trade. Trade justice means allowing poor countreis to decide the trade policies which will help them end poverty and protect the environment.
Please continue to pray and do what you can to keep the pressure up.

The Beflast Battalion of the Boy's Brigade
The Anchor Show 2005
Saturday 5th March 7.30
Ulster Hall
Including a sepcial performance by
the pupils of Antrim Grammar School,
Pipes and Drums of the Boy's Brigade,
Scottish Country Dancing,
and lots more!

Got info for Crumbs?
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