Monday, February 07, 2005

Crumbs for 6th February

The PWA will meet Tuesday the 8th at 8.00 pm, Breezemount Farm.

Church Committee Meeting this Thursday, 8.30 pm after the mid-week meeting, 7.30 - 8.30 pm.

Child Protection
PCI has launched new Child Protection Guidelines, called "Taking Care" for all congregations - all leaders will have access to a set of these. Alongside this we are pleased to announce that Kathryn Wonnacott has agreed to be the Designated Officer for our congregation. This means that Kathryn is a contact person for anyone who has concerns about a child who attends any organisation. All leaders are now required to undergo a PECS check and forms will be given out soon.

There will be a special time of prayer in the VINE Centre this Wednesday 9th February from 2.00 to 3.00 pm. Everyone is welcome.

The Belfast Battalion of the Boy's Brigade Presents:
The Anchor Show 2005
Saturday 5th March 7.30
Ulster Hall
Including a special performance by
the pupils of Antrim Grammar School,
Pipes and Drums of the Boy's Brigade,
Scottish Country Dancing,
and lots more.

There are still organisations who have not submitted statements for this year's Annual report. Please give them to Jack as soon as possible.

Church Community and Change

The co-ordinating group met again on Wednesday evening to plan the launch of the programme, set for Sunday 20th March, as part of the morning service.

Church, Community and Change will raise some of the implications of engaging with the local community and give our people an opportunity to think about and express their feelings about getting more involved with the community.

The co-ordinating Committee consists of people that are representative of various aspects of the life of the church.

May Cahoon Jim Coleman Jack Drennan

Lowry Grant Ricky Houston Keith Johnston

Prayer Diary for this week:

Monday: Please pray for the Church, Community and Change co-ordinating group as they plan to launch this programme in the congregation. Pray everyone connected to the church will feel led by God to be involved in looking at how our church can be effective in the surrounding community.

Tuesday: Please remember the work of the Child Evangelism Fellowship. They have undertaken the task of delivering copies of ‘The Wonder book’ through every door in the Province. Pray God will bless this initiative and CEF’s wider work.

Wednesday: Remember Rachel and all the situations she finds herself in. Pray for wisdom and discernment in dealing with new colleagues, friends and when interacting with her neighbours. Continue to pray for her safety and for God’s guidance in all she does.

Thursday: Many members of our congregation have been bereaved recently. Please pray for God’s presence as they go through the grieving process and that they will experience his comfort. Pray especially for those who have lost their life partner, that they may feel an awareness of God’s plan for their lives at the most difficult time.

Friday: Please pray for those in our congregation who are young in faith. Pray for the situations they find themselves in, especially at school. Please pray that we, as a congregation may show love and respect to them and give them encouragement.

Saturday: Give thanks for all those involved in the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign, which brings together 200 charities, campaigns, trade unions, faith groups and celebrities who believe that 2005 offers an unprecedented opportunity for global change. Unfair trade rules mean drug prices are set too high for poor communities to afford them. Debt repayments mean poor countries can’t build up their health systems. Pray that governments will listen and that debts will be wiped out.

Sunday: Please pray for our province at this time of great uncertainty and ask that God will grant wisdom to those in positions of leadership. Pray that people will be more careful in what they say, as rash words cannot be recalled.


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