Sunday, April 10, 2005

Crumbs for the 10th April 2005

This evening we will meet at 6.30 in the downstairs hall.
There will be a meeting of the church committee on
Monday, 18th April at 7.30 pm.
Our Mid-week meeting is on Thursday at 7.30 pm.
Why not come along for a time of prayer and Bible study?
If you need a lift, let someone know and we can arrange to pick you up.
PWA Trip
Saturday 21st May
Price: £16
including lunch and high tea
To be paid by the end of April
There is no longer a box for stamps in the vestibule; however, Margaret Bill is still collecting them so if you have some please give them straight to her.
The VINE will host a special prayer meeting on the 13th of April from 2.00 to 3.00 pm. Please come along and you will be made very welcome.
This year's summer outreach runs from Monday 22nd August. Landlubbers search for hidden treasure and discover the greatest treasure of all is knowing Jesus. The stories are based on the journeys of Paul. If you would like to help in any way please let Barbara know.
In memory of the Saviour's love,
We keep the sacred feast,
Where every humble, contrite heart
Is made a welcome guest.
By faith we take the Bread of Life
With which our souls are fed,
The Cup in token of His blood
That was for sinners shed.
In faith and memory thus we sing
The wonders of His love,
And thus anticipate by faith
The heavenly feast above.
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Tell Barbara (9022 8368 or
or Keith (90729650 or
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