Sunday, April 24, 2005

Crumbs for the 24th April 2005

There will be a meeting of Kirk Session on Monday 25th April at 7.30 pm. A church committe meeting will be held on Monday 9th May at 7.30 pm.

Church, Community and Change:
During the launch of Church, Community and Change, the congregation were asked how we felt about engaging with the community. Many of the responses were positive but a there were a number of issues raised. Over the next 7 weeks those issues will be addressed at workshops on Thursday evening, 7.30 pm in the downstairs hall. As many people as possible are invited to come along to listen to the issues and discuss them.
This week the meeting will take the form of a Bible study and discussion. If anyone needs a lift please speak to the minister or any of the elders.

PWA Trip
Saturday 21st May
Price £16
including lunch and high tea
to be paid by the end of April

There is no longer a box for stamps in the vestibule. Margaret Bill is still collecting them so if you have some please give them straight to her.

Our mid-week meeting is on Thursday at 7.30. Why not come along for a time of prayer and Bible study? If you need a lift please let someone know and we can arrange to pick you up.

If you know of any member of the congregation who is admitted to hospital please contact the Minister (90715256) or any of the elders. Many people rely on the hospital to notify ministers but this does not always happen and we do not want anyone to be overlooked. Hospital visitation always takes priority and it would be helpful to be informed as soon as possible of those being admitted.

Young Adults Social Event
Saturday, 7th June
Lazer Quest/Dundonald Ice Bowl
Food afterwards
Travel Arrangements to follow
More Info: Contact Ricky!!

Holiday Bible Club
Starts Monday 22nd August
4 to 10 years from 2-4pm
10 to 14 years from 7-9pm
Landlubbers are pirates searching for hidden treasure on a desert island. They discover the greatest treasure of all: knowing Jesus. that's what the apostle Paul discovered and shared with Jesus' followers in Philippi. Landlubbers is a flexible, energetic programme which introduces children to Jesus and invites them to become his followers, whether they are part of a church community or not. If you want to 'captain' your own ship, lead some sea shanties, give out rations and search for treasure please speak to Barbara. Meetings begin the first week in June.

Special Prayer request:
Please pray for a number of children whose parents have recently separated. Pray that these children will not suffer because of the break odwn in the family and pray for the healing of relationships.

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