Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tearfund Update


Songs of Praise to highlight Christian efforts to 'Make Poverty

A Tanzanian mother who for decades walked for 10 hours each night to
fetch water for her family, will feature on this week's BBC Songs of Praise
programme (April 17th, 17.00, BBC 1).

Joyce Mbwilo, from Uhambingeto village, tells Songs of Praise
presenter Sally Magnusson, who last month travelled out to meet her, just
what life is like for the 1.2 billion people who lack access to clean water.
She tells Sally how she used to wake up at midnight, walk 14km, returning at
10am the following morning.

Sally Magnusson also visits Gleneagles, Scotland, the venue for the
July meeting of the G8 group of richest nations, as well as talking to local
church volunteers from Tearfund in Auchterarder, near to Gleneagles, who are
praying and campaigning for G8 leaders to make decisions to help 'make
poverty history'. The programme features Aberdeen University Chapel Choir
and singer Eddie Reader.

Sally Magnusson says of her encounter with Joyce: "It was a
privilege to meet Joyce and her family. It was an occasion I will remember
for a long time. She has one of those faces which lights up and radiates
such warmth."

Sally Magnusson continues: "But Joyce did not pull any punches in
our conversation. Her life is extraordinarily hard, and the future she
dreams of for her children depends squarely on us. I went away conscious of
how much there is to be done, but also of how even quite small practical
gestures of support in this country can make a difference to the lives of people like Joyce.

David Strachan, Songs of Praise producer says: "We hope the
programme will show the real change that has been achieved in one village in
Tanzania as a result of partnership between Tearfund and local churches, and
also as a result of debt cancellation.

"The programme also looks at the commitment of Christians in the UK
to the Make Poverty History campaign through the work of the local
congregation and in the passionate singing of the community which gathered
for the recording of Songs of Praise."

Joyce Mbwilo's story is told in Tearfund's Step Forward pack for
churches, which can be ordered by calling 0845 355 8355 or at


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