Monday, October 17, 2005

Crumbs for 16th October

A big thank you to all those who came to the bread and cheese lunch. Over £300 was raised towards Send-A-Cow.

This evening at 6.30 there will be a praise service led by members of the Youth Fellowship. This is a service for the entire congregation, so please come and join in praising of the Lord!

Church Community and Change members—please stay after this morning’s service for a short meeting to arrange the launch date for phase two.

Names are now being taken for Daily Bread readings 2006. The price for the year is £13. Please see Sylvia if interested.

There is a meeting for Invasion North next Saturday 22nd October in Ballysillan at 7.30pm. Contact Barbara for more info.

Gift day is Sunday 30th October.

Saturday 5th November, 7:30pm, Minor Hall: Beatle Drive open to everyone including family members and friends. Refreshments provided. Free admission. Amazing prizes!

Happy 70th Birthday to FRANCIS KIDD!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Crumbs for 9th October

Today is Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday. The Lord is worthy of our praise and Thanksgiving for He has blessed us in countless ways!

Rev. Ken Doherty will lead the evening service at 6.30pm tonight.

For the ladies of the Congregation:
PWA Tuesday Night 11th October, 8pm.
Speaker Mr. Norman Morrell
Theme: From a prison cell to Christ

Gift day is Sunday 30th October.

A Church Community and Change planning meeting for the coordinating group members will be held on Saturday 15th October from 10am-12:30pm. Lunch will be included. Venue TBA.

New Committee
Office Bearers

Secretary: Elizabeth Wallace

Treasurer: Gillian Drennan

Members: Margaret Bill
May Cahoon
Tily Dalzell
Sally Dunbar
Alison Harte
David Harte
Pat Kennedy
Barbara McIlwrath
Gwen Simmons
Keith Wonnacott

Sunday, October 02, 2005

October Prayer Diary

MONDAY: Please pray for those in our congregation with health problems. Some are receiving treatment at home and some at hospital. Pray too for their families and for the doctors and nurses caring for them—for healing and joy in the midst of suffering and pain.

TUESDAY: Give thanks for God’s blessings on our church in the past. Give thanks for material blessing and the people who have passed through and who have been an encouragement to us. Ask God, as we look to the future, to show us how best to utilise the resources in our care and guide us in the giving, investing and spending of our money.

WEDNESDAY: Remember police, firemen, ambulance personnel and others who are called regularly to deal with potentially violent and dangerous situations. Pray for them to be able to calm and diffuse these situations and ask God to show the most appropriate courses of action to take

THURSDAY: Continue to pray for the work of Release International who serve persecuted Christians in 30 countries. Their ministry involves:
1. Showing God’s compassion: Providing for the needs of the families of martyrs and prisoners
2. Serving God’s church—enabling them to survive persecution
3. Sharing God’s love: Helping the persecuted church from those who oppose the Gospel
4. Spreading God’s word by supplying Bibles and other literature
5. Speaking as God’s advocates: Being the voice of the martyrs and the oppressed

FRIDAY: “Thanking God is both a privilege and a duty. Never forget it.” Thank God for the freedom we have to worship openly, to speak to others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this harvest time pray that the God of harvest will use you in the vineyard He has placed you.

SATURDAY: Pray for the young people around the world who won’t have a harvest to look forward to. Pray that finances from Christian organisations, charitable trusts, churches and other sources will be used wisely as God directs.

SUNDAY: Remember and pray for those known to you who are at the end of their personal resources and earnestly asking for a miracle of healing or some other answer to prayer. Pray that God will demonstrate His power and grace in their situations, and for ourselves, remember to look to Christ for our answers.

Crumbs for 2nd October

This morning we celebrate communion around the Lord’s Table and welcome all who love the Lord Jesus Christ. As is our custom, there will be a retiring offering for the Benevolent Fund.

The Upper North Belfast Community Empowerment Partnership is holding a health information day on Wednesday 5th October in the Spectrum Centre. There is a session for older people from 10.30-12.30pm, and for young people from 6-8.30pm. For more information please contact Richard

Midweek Bible study is starting up again this Thursday, 6th Oct. at 7.30pm.

Harvest Thanksgiving is Sunday 9th October. After the 11am service, there will be a bread and cheese lunch in the hall. Offering will go towards world aid. Rev. Ken Doherty will lead the evening service at 6.30pm.

Praise group practice for the service is on Wednesday 5th October at 7pm

There is a meeting Saturday 8th October at 2pm to decorate the church. Donations of flowers would be greatly appreciated.
Gift day is Sunday 30th October.