Sunday, October 09, 2005

Crumbs for 9th October

Today is Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday. The Lord is worthy of our praise and Thanksgiving for He has blessed us in countless ways!

Rev. Ken Doherty will lead the evening service at 6.30pm tonight.

For the ladies of the Congregation:
PWA Tuesday Night 11th October, 8pm.
Speaker Mr. Norman Morrell
Theme: From a prison cell to Christ

Gift day is Sunday 30th October.

A Church Community and Change planning meeting for the coordinating group members will be held on Saturday 15th October from 10am-12:30pm. Lunch will be included. Venue TBA.

New Committee
Office Bearers

Secretary: Elizabeth Wallace

Treasurer: Gillian Drennan

Members: Margaret Bill
May Cahoon
Tily Dalzell
Sally Dunbar
Alison Harte
David Harte
Pat Kennedy
Barbara McIlwrath
Gwen Simmons
Keith Wonnacott


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