Sunday, October 02, 2005

October Prayer Diary

MONDAY: Please pray for those in our congregation with health problems. Some are receiving treatment at home and some at hospital. Pray too for their families and for the doctors and nurses caring for them—for healing and joy in the midst of suffering and pain.

TUESDAY: Give thanks for God’s blessings on our church in the past. Give thanks for material blessing and the people who have passed through and who have been an encouragement to us. Ask God, as we look to the future, to show us how best to utilise the resources in our care and guide us in the giving, investing and spending of our money.

WEDNESDAY: Remember police, firemen, ambulance personnel and others who are called regularly to deal with potentially violent and dangerous situations. Pray for them to be able to calm and diffuse these situations and ask God to show the most appropriate courses of action to take

THURSDAY: Continue to pray for the work of Release International who serve persecuted Christians in 30 countries. Their ministry involves:
1. Showing God’s compassion: Providing for the needs of the families of martyrs and prisoners
2. Serving God’s church—enabling them to survive persecution
3. Sharing God’s love: Helping the persecuted church from those who oppose the Gospel
4. Spreading God’s word by supplying Bibles and other literature
5. Speaking as God’s advocates: Being the voice of the martyrs and the oppressed

FRIDAY: “Thanking God is both a privilege and a duty. Never forget it.” Thank God for the freedom we have to worship openly, to speak to others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this harvest time pray that the God of harvest will use you in the vineyard He has placed you.

SATURDAY: Pray for the young people around the world who won’t have a harvest to look forward to. Pray that finances from Christian organisations, charitable trusts, churches and other sources will be used wisely as God directs.

SUNDAY: Remember and pray for those known to you who are at the end of their personal resources and earnestly asking for a miracle of healing or some other answer to prayer. Pray that God will demonstrate His power and grace in their situations, and for ourselves, remember to look to Christ for our answers.


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