Friday, December 02, 2005

December Prayer Diary

MONDAY: INDONESIA. Three Indonesian Sunday School teachers have been sentenced to three years in prison for allowing Muslim children to attend their Sunday School. Pray for REBEKKA, ETI and RATNA who are separated from their young families: 1) that their appeal will be successful, and 2) that the Indonesian authorities will act to stop Islamic militants from forcing churches to close.

TUESDAY: AIDS. Pray for those affected and suffering from AIDS/HIV. The stark reality is that in the next 60 seconds, five people will die of AIDS. More than 90 percent of people living with AIDS are in developing countries. Pray for wisdom and compassion for all who are working with and are seeking to minister to people living with HIV and AIDS. Pray that the global church will demonstrate practical love and care and thereby witness to the hope that is found in and through Jesus Christ.

WEDNESDAY: Pray for people, especially those with no close family or friends, who may feel left out during this Christmas season and prompt us where appropriate to include those people in our celebrations. Pray too for those who have lost a loved one during the year that God’s love will be expressed to them through the acts of thoughtfulness and concern of others.

THURSDAY: Pray for ourselves, that we may avoid missing the true meaning of Christmas by getting caught up in the commercialisation and materialism which has taken us over time and time again, and which puts thousands of people in debt for things which are net needed and take away from the true joy of Christmas.

FRIDAY: Give thanks for the many charities, organisations and service personnel who will work and devote themselves to the needs of others during the Christmas season. Pray that God will continue to bless them and that through their love, concern and actions, the love of Christ will be shown.

SATURDAY: Remember to pray for all missionaries, in particular those who are single and at this Christmas time, are far from home. Also pray for family members who can’t be with us for various reasons and for those families who are nursing loved ones who are seriously ill. Pray that God’s love will sustain and comfort each in their individual situation at this time.
SUNDAY: Remember to pray for the family circle of George Best at this sad time. Give thanks for his life, talent and humble nature, and for the way in which his death has brought different cultures and religions together.


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