Friday, December 02, 2005

Financial Report December 2005

UNITED APPEAL - £4524 to date. Target is £6262. 2004 total was £4492

RACHEL HARTE - £4055 to date. (2004 total was £4085. Church was committed to £5000 annually for three years, ending in January 2006. Committee has agreed that we will continue to support Rachel.

CHURCH ACCOUNT - Current account is overdrawn by £7129. We have £4524 to hand over to United Appeal which will leave the account overdrawn by £11,653. Allowing for 4 more Sundays this year and some bills to pay, it is estimated that the account could be overdrawn by around £9500 at the end of the year.

In 2005 the average weekly offering in the envelopes is £812. Last year it was £868.

If an extra £150 was brought in each week in 2006 the situation could be turned around. This means we need at least an extra £2 a week from each adult.

We need YOU to consider this prayerfully and decide what you can give.


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