Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Crumbs 5th March 2006

Jack will be on holiday until 16th March. During this time, Richard will be taking the services. For any pastoral needs, please see Jim Coleman.

Rachel Harte will be home from July until February. Any organisations who would like to arrange a time for her to speak to them should begin to make arrangements soon.

Midweek will usually be held instead of home groups the first Thursday of each month. Since Jack is away, however, this will begin next month. This Thursday’s home groups will meet at the following locations:
The church (7.30), Freddie Ashe’s (7.30), and Kathryn Wonnacott’s (8.30)

There will be a Church, Community and Change information evening for all those who have an interest in the process Monday 13th March from 7-8:15pm. Please see Richard for more information.

The committee has decided to hold a church cleaning day once a month.
The next church cleaning day is Saturday 11th March from 10am -12 noon. All help available is both needed and appreciated.

The following church members are qualified
First Aiders:

-Noel Annesley -Barbara McIllwrath
-Gillian Drennan -Claire Porter
-Alison Harte -Sian Rossbotham
-David Harte -David Simmons
-Richard Houston -Gwen Simmons
-Elizabeth Kidd -Nicola Wildridge
-Lorraine Kidd -Keith Wonnacott

Mark these dates in your diaries:
Invasion North: 24th-29th July
--Teenage programmes in the evenings

Children’s Mission: 14th-18th August
**During both weeks, there will also be daytime activities and preparation.

Weekly Prayer Focus:
Pray for the situation in Kenya and all those who are suffering and dying because of severe drought. Pray that supplies of food, water, and medicines reach all those that need it, and pray that this spring brings an end to the drought.


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