Thursday, May 04, 2006

May Prayer Diary

Hello! Sandra, the American volunteer here! Many apologies for not keeping this site up to date! I hope to get back on track!

MONDAY... Pray for everyone working within the justice system, particularly for our Home Secretary, judges, barristers, solicitors, police and Crown Prosecution Service. Pray that they will be given wisdom, integrity and a Godly guidance in the judgements they have to make on a daily basis.

TUESDAY... Pray for all those preparing for examinations starting this month, especially those who feel their future depends on exam results. Pray that those who feel under pressure and stress will be given the support, encouragement, love and understanding they need at this time from family and friends.

WEDNESDAY... Continue to pray for our own situation in Northern Ireland. As the Marching Season approaches, pray that the dialogue which has recently taken place between various groups will continue to make progress. Pray too that those people who continue to oppose peace and reconciliation will, by the grace of God, become peace seekers and peacemakers, and work for a secure, just and cooperative solution to our problems.

THURSDAY... Give thanks for successful marriages which have lasted long years and have been blessings to family, friends and the wider community. Pray that they will inspire and encourage younger couples to stay faithfully committed whatever the future holds. Pray too for those soon to be married that they will show patience, kindness, selflessness, understanding and tenderness to each other, especially in times of trial.

FRIDAY... At this time of year many young people are planning and preparing for holiday Bible clubs, beach missions, summer camps and many more activities both at home and overseas. Pray that God will bless all those involved, and pray too for God’s spirit to be evident in each event and in particular, pray for all involved in youth ministry in Crumlin Road, that they will receive God’s wisdom and grace as they serve others.

SATURDAY... At this time of year, all of our organisations, Sunday School, and other groups are looking forward to a well earned break. Give thanks for each person for their love, loyalty and commitment in the service of Jesus Christ in Crumlin Road. Pray that their summer break will be a time of rest and relaxation for them and also for their friends and families. Pray too for God’s protection for all those travelling at home or abroad.

SUNDAY... Continue to pray for those who are ill, especially to those known to us personally and those in our congregation. Pray too for “Margaret” and “Christine” for healing for both suffering different illnesses. Remember their families and carers at this time, and pray that God’s love and strength will support them through this difficult time. Pray for those waiting to undergo surgery and those who suffer pain where there is no cure, pray that God will demonstrate His power and His grace in their situations.


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